Z Score Calculator

Z Score Calculator allows you to easily calculate Z-Score by taking inputs of row score, population mean, and standard deviation.

What is Z Score Calculator?

Z Score Calculator

Z Score Calculator is an easy-to-use and 100% accurate online tool to calculate Z-score. Just enter the row score, the population mean, and standard deviation and hit the "Calculate" button. As a result, the tool will display the Z-score result. Also, it is very much fast and efficient. The manual calculation is a bit confusing and becomes very difficult when dealing with large numbers. So, use the calculator to save your time and effort.

What is Z-Score?

In simple words, the Z score denotes the difference between the data points of raw scores from the mean value. You can get the number of standard deviations of a data point above the mean value. Hence, it is also known as Standard Score, Normal Score, or Z-Value.

Types of Z Scores:
  • Positive Z Score: When the data point lies above the mean, then the Z score is said to be positive.
  • Negative Z Score: When the data point lies below the mean, then the Z score is said to be negative.

Now, as you have learned about the Z Score let's understand how you can calculate the Z Score.

How do you calculate the Z Score?

According to statistical analysis, we use this formula to calculate the Z Score:

Z =  
(x - μ)

Z = Z Score
x = Raw Score
μ = Mean
σ = Standard Deviation

Hence, in order to calculate the Z score or standard score, firstly, you need to get the value of raw score, mean and standard deviation. After getting the values just put them in the formula and you will get the Z-score easily.

Z Score Calculator takes these required values from the user and determines the final result instantly. The same statistical formula is being used here.


Let's make the calculation part crystal clear by understanding the process with an easy example.

Here, we have the following values:

Raw score, x = 20
Mean, μ = 15
Standard Deviation, σ = 5

Put these values in the formula and evaluate the expression.

Z =  
(x - μ)
(20 - 15)

= 1

Finally, we get Z Score value = 1.

Features of Z Score Calculator

  • Fast: Undoubtedly, the tool is very fast and gives answers within seconds.
  • Easy to use: Just type the values and get the answer. No effort! Most simplistic user interface.
  • No signup and Free: The Z score calculator is 100% free to use and it requires no signup or registration.
  • Accurate: The output standard score can never be wrong because the tool every time runs on some predefined algorithms.
  • Save time and effort: Manual calculations can take very much time and you can end up spending a lot of time and effort. Play smart by using the standard score calculator.

How to use?

Follow these simple steps below to use the tool without any problem:

  1. Open the Z score calculator on any internet-accessible device.
  2. Fill the input boxes with numeric values. The work of increment and decrement buttons on the right side of the input fields is to make slight changes in your inputs.
  3. After entering the values just click on the "Calculate" button and the Z-score will be displayed in the below field.
  4. To again use the calculator just press the "Reset" button.


Above all information was about the highly useful online Z Score Calculator. Also, it's a simple tool with a bunch of benefits. Just type or paste your values and get instant output. This tool is great for making your statistical calculations easier. Also, it will help you to solve problems on probability and compare different sample spaces.